Wedding Packages

Why should you select a professional videographer to record your wedding? After all, there are consumer camcorders available now that record very high quality images….


The truth is, a high-quality image is only part of what it takes to make a professional product. Wireless microphones should be used at the ceremony,  digital HiDef wide-screen professional cameras designed especially for low-light surroundings are essential, a fluid-head tripod should be used for smooth, steady shots, and back-up equipment for everything must be on-hand as weddings are a “Once in a Lifetime” event. This professional equipment is used while shooting any of the following Wedding packages.

We can custom tailor our packages to you.  Just ask.

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Bronze Package

  • Pre-Ceremony (arrival of guests, setup/establishing shots)
  • Full coverage of Ceremony & Reception
  • Basic Edit
  • 1 Basic DVD

Silver Package

  • Pre-Ceremony (arrival of guests, setup/establishing shots)
  • Full coverage of Ceremony & Reception
  • Complete edit with graphics, effects, music, titles
  • Picture intro (up to 24 pictures) with motion effects set to music
  • 2 Basic DVDs

Gold Package

  • Includes everything in the Silver Package Plus:
  • Formal Portrait Coverage
    (@ same location as ceremony or reception)
  • Enhanced edit w/recap
    (Wedding Highlights) at the end of video
  • 3 Basic DVDs


  • Includes everything in the Gold Package Plus:
  • Brides Preparation
    (includes additional location)
  • Honeymoon pictures – (up to 20 pictures) set to music with motion
  • 3 Deluxe DVDs
  • All unedited footage on DVD

Also available:
• Large Screen High Impact Photo Montage shown at Reception – 100 photos
• DVD of wedding highlights for the Bridal Party or Family Members – (Gold or Platinum only)
• Additional DVD copies
• Raw footage on DVD
• Add Deluxe DVD to any package
• 2nd camera with operator (full day)


All ceremonies shot with 2 cameras.
If you have a specific idea just ask, we can probably do it!
All packages based on a 1hr Ceremony and a 5 hour Reception (including cocktail hour)

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All Wedding Photos are courtesy of Jeff Tisman Photography